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Diligent Process Services and Investigation Inc. is a small cost-effective process serving company located in West Palm Beach.  The company is owned and operated by Certified Process Servers in West Palm Beach, Florida. We are experienced, knowledgeable, and pride ourselves on providing the best service with integrity, respect, professionalism, and courtesy. Our diligence and dedication to effecting proper service of process with the quickest “turnaround” possible never yields so that our valued clients may proceed with their claim. Our team of private investigators will work diligently to gather evidence for court cases or private clients. We Serve clients in West Palm beach, Palm Beach County, Florida, and throughout the United States.

Process Serving & Private Investigation Questions and Answers

According to United States legal procedure, all parties must be notified if they are facing legal action against them in a court of law. Notification (called service of process) is accomplished through the delivery of documents describing the legal action, and those documents include, but not limited to subpoenas, complaints, summonses, writs, and order to show cause.

A process server is responsible for delivering legal documents to the parties involved in court proceedings. Some states require process servers to be licensed or registered, and all process servers must adhere to all state regulations governing legal service of process.

A process server is typically provided an address of the individual or entity named on the document and they travel to that address.   They then confirm if service can be perfected at that address.  If so, service is effected and proof of service is provided.  This proof of service – also called the affidavit of service – details the time, date, and location of the service of process, and the subject’s name. It is the document you can present in court to verify that a successful service of process occurred.

Law firms, corporations, insurance companies, private parties, and entities both civil, criminal, criminal cases, or in anticipation of filing a civil or criminal case.  All have reasons to procure the services of a private investigator.

Service of process must be carried out by a professional who understands the state laws, is well-versed on best practices, and is licensed if required in that state. Any failure to follow legal procedures can result in legal issues for other parties in the court case, which is why you should leave service of process to a professional. An experienced and knowledgeable process server will do everything by the book and make it easy to demonstrate that you fairly notified the other parties of impending legal action.

We’re always available to answer your questions, so please contact us if you need more information about service of process.

A private investigator — also known as a PI is a trained individual in the art of investigation and hired to uncover information on their client’s behalf. Most states, like Florida, require PIs to be trained and licensed.

Private investigators offer many types of investigative-related services. Investigators often work for law firms to gather information on civil or criminal cases. Insurance companies commonly hire investigators to look into suspicious claims.  Individuals hire investigators to locate missing people, to do surveillance on suspected infidelity, and for many other reasons. 


I’ve had difficulty finding a reliable process server, and I couldn’t be happier with this company.  They have fair prices….but more importantly, they do an outstanding job even with difficult assignments.
Andrew Strecker


Our legal support services extend beyond service of process and are all backed by the same attention to detail. 

We are located in West Palm beach, but we serve clients throughout Palm Beach County, Florida, the United States.

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